What to Look for in a Nurse Practitioner Program – Part 3



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To cyber or not to cyber?

Nowadays much of our educational advancements are offered online. For some, this is a great tool for those that are very organized and self-starters while for others, not having the daily accountability of being in a classroom setting is difficult or working online is not their learning style. For those of you “pro-cyber” learners out there, just know that you will be required to attend campus a few times a year, or whatever is designated by your school and accrediting body, in order to practice skills before starting your clinical rotations.

It is the hope that after reading this, it helps you formulate your thought process of what kind of program is right for you. Don’t make any quick decisions, start a “pro-con” list as you start to do your research. I tell any potential student to talk to as many people as you can that are doing what you want to do. Do they like it? Any advice for you? Anything they wished they would have known or done when in your shoes? The more consensus you can get from possible future colleagues, the better. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need in order to make the best decision for YOU. Then do your own research so you can make sure you aren’t questioning your decision once you select the school you like, because all of that time will need to be focused on being the best student you can be so you can be the best practitioner you can be!

To get to a Nurse Practitioner School, we all must start somewhere. Check out my book by clicking the book cover below on how to get into the competitive world of nursing school!


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