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Course Name Hours Course Content Exam Link Password
Antiemetic Medications 2.0  Antiemetic Medications CEU-2.0 hours  Take Exam emesis2
Antipsychotic Medications 6.0  Antipsychotic Drugs CEU- 6.0 hours Take Exam psych2
Bath Salts 6.0  Bath Salts CEU- 6.0 hours Take Exam bsalts2
Esophagoscopy Procedure 2.0  Esophagoscopy CEU-2.0 hours Take Exam eso2
Exploratory Laparotomy 3.0  Exploratory Laparotomy CEU- 3.0 hours Take Exam exlap2
Febrile Seizures 2.0  Febrile Seizures CEU- 2.0 hours Take Exam febsz2
Folic Acid Deficiency 4.0  Folic Acid Deficiency CEU-4.0 hours Take Exam fad2
Hypertensive Emergencies 2.0  Hypertensive Emergencies CEU- 2.0 hours Take Exam htn2
Management of Bulimia Nervosa 4.0  Management of Bulimia Nervosa CEU-4.0 hours Take Exam bulner2
Safety Attendant for Pts At-Risk for Self Injury 2.0  Safety Attendany for Patients At-Risk for Self Injury CEU- 2.0 hours Take Exam safety2
Splenectomy Procedure 2.0  Splenectomy Procedure CEU-2.0 hours Take Exam spleen2
Weight Management Medications 6.0  Weight Loss Meds CEU-6.0 hours Take Exam lbsmed2

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