As an advocate and educator I’m often asked the question, “Dr. Morgan, how do I know a career in healthcare is for me or how do I know I am choosing a reputable school?”  I know from personal experiences of what these struggles are like and how these types of questions, among many others, can weigh heavy on one’s mind. Working my way up from one side of the desk to the front of the room educating those hungry minds has helped me develop a keen ability to facilitate navigation through a tough and sometimes confusing path to success.

I’m a firm believer in lifelong learning. I can help you reach your full potential to impact the world in a positive manner.

These are some of the areas of consultation in which I specialize:

  • Providing you with questions to ask an admission’s adviser to make sure you are fully informed before deciding on what healthcare program to choose.
  • Organizing pros/cons before making a decision on which program to choose.
  • Guide you in the development of priorities before, during and after school.
  • Strategies to implement proven study habits into your routine.
  • Tutoring on various healthcare topics (contact prior to ordering to discuss).


Consultation Services

If you choose to consult with me, please be advised that even though I am a doctorally prepared, board certified nurse practitioner, I will not be giving medical advice.

If you are looking for medical consultation services for your business, please email me directly @