Flu Vaccine – For the Health of It – Episode 9

To flu shot or not to flu shot

In this episode of For the Health of It, I discuss:

1.) What the flu really is

2) What the vaccine does in your body

3) Who should get the vaccine

4) What the vaccine is not

5) Complications of the flu

6) Types of flu vaccines

7) Personal responsibility

8) What to do to decide if the flu vaccine is for you or not

Info from the CDC on Flu Vaccines


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For the Health of It – Episode 8 – STDs

This has been a highly requested topic! In this episode I discuss some of the common sexually transmitted diseases, STDs (also known as sexually transmitted infection, or STI), how they are contracted, the source of the disease (bacteria, virus, etc.) and treatments.

I even give you very important advice that I was given at a young age…For the Health of It!